1959 FJ25L

Thisvehicle has not been altered and remains in it's original condition including original soft top bows. It is currently in running condition.

J2/J3 (1955-1960)

By 1955, the BJ was a qualified success and had become a valued tool in military and police circles. Now was the time for Toyota to unleash the vehicle on the public. This required a fairly drastic redesign—one that took into account passenger comfort while maintaining the rugged capabilities of the vehicle. The result was the J2, a striking vehicle with rounded fenders, a stylish grille, and chrome-plated trim.

The redesigned BJ had a single engine option at launch, but soon Toyota offered a model with a larger engine, known as the FJ. This was a start of a period of innovation and experimentation. All in all, there were fourteen total models within the J2/J3 period. With two wheelbases and a number of options including pickups, station wagons, and smaller open designs, the Land Cruiser was a versatile vehicle.

During this period, the Land Cruiser became an international hit, with exports popular in Asia, the Middle East, and South America. In these notoriously tough regions of the world, the Land Cruiser brand quickly became synonymous with the ability to overcome anything.