1975 FJ 40L

1975 was a transitional year for 40 Series Land Cruisers. Major changes include one piece front doors, vertically hinged barn doors in the rear, the introduction of the 2F engine and the last year with the drum brake front axle.

J4 (1960-1986)

Most people who fell in love with the Land Cruiser fell in love with a J4. After achieving an international reputation with the J2/J3, Toyota embarked on a redesign process that resulted in an iconic and memorable look that would define Land Cruiser for the next two decades. Initially, the J4 simply offered a slightly different wheelbase than the previous production model.

By the end of the production run, the J4 models boasted four different wheelbase lengths. There was a “short” length, similar to the original model and typically sporting a soft top. The “medium” model was used for a short-lived station wagon model that was replaced by a different production model after a few years. The “long” wheelbase model also had a short life as it was supplanted by the wildly popular “super long” wheelbase. The “super long” started out as a troop transport, but became popular in rural areas throughout Africa, Australia, the Americas and Asia, where they were used for camping, public transportation, and more.