1978 FJ55RV-KCQ

This right hand drive vehicle from Australia has factory installed air conditioning. It also features barn doors in the rear instead of an electric window tailgate.

J5 (1967-1980)

The original Land Cruiser models featured those that were designated as station wagons—Cruisers with a larger passenger area. Still, these were utilitarian vehicles, where function was far more important than form. In 1967, Toyota split the station wagons off from the main Land Cruiser line, creating the J5, a series of vehicles with a different design.

The J5 vehicles were not meant to be workhorses. Instead, the J5 models were comfortable and stylish, while maintaining the indestructible reputation that had been earned by previous models. While the Land Cruiser was already an icon throughout the world, it was the J5 that became a major phenomena in the United States. It is difficult to overstate how popular the J5 was in America. Its offroad capabilities made it the vehicle of choice for many families who wanted to explore the continent for camping, hiking, or other forms of outdoor recreation.