1982 Delta Mini Cruiser

This Mini Cruiser was manufactured by Delta Motors Corporation, a now defunct automobile company from the Philippines. It operated under a technical tie-up with Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan, but also produced its own range of small off-roaders called the Delta Mini Cruiser.

In addition to assembling Toyotas for the local market, Delta also used their own name to market the Mini Cruiser, a little off-roader appearing a lot like a scaled-down 40-series Toyota Land Cruiser and using Toyota engines and other technology. It was developed in the mid-seventies especially for the Philippine Army, but was also sold commercially. The Mini Cruiser (sometimes called the Explorer) was even exported, to Colombia, Papua New Guinea, the Middle East and to Italy. About 500 units were sold in Italy until supplies dried up in 1986, following Delta's untimely bankruptcy in 1984. The now rare Delta Mini Cruiser also became available as a two-seater pickup truck, estate, van, and as a five-seater jeep in the 1980s.