1983 BJ42RV-MCQ LX

This vehicle was sold with the LX package, which includes a cloth interior as opposed to vinyl in brown, not the standard grey. Factory power steering,  air conditioning, tachometer, sliding side windows, three windshield wipers and a full floating rear axle.

J4 (1960-1986)

Most people who fell in love with the Land Cruiser fell in love with a J4. After achieving an international reputation with the J2/J3, Toyota embarked on a redesign process that resulted in an iconic and memorable look that would define Land Cruiser for the next two decades. Initially, the J4 simply offered a slightly different wheelbase than the previous production model.

By the end of the production run, the J4 models boasted four different wheelbase lengths. There was a “short” length, similar to the original model and typically sporting a soft top. The “medium” model was used for a short-lived station wagon model that was replaced by a different production model after a few years. The “long” wheelbase model also had a short life as it was supplanted by the wildly popular “super long” wheelbase. The “super long” started out as a troop transport, but became popular in rural areas throughout Africa, Australia, the Americas and Asia, where they were used for camping, public transportation, and more.