1996 VZJ95W-GKPGK Prado

This vehicle has a 5VZ V6 gas engine.

J9 (1996-2002)

The J9 Land Cruiser was clearly the most diverse model in Land Cruiser history. Along with the rugged “heavy duty” models, the J9 also included a “light duty” model known as the Bundera. The original Bundera was not very different from the other J9 models, at least not in terms of exterior features. There were some differences in the drivetrain and engine.

By the mid-1990’s smaller, lightweight offroad vehicles had become more popular around the world. It was time for Toyota to redesign the Bundera and transform it into the Prado. The Prado became the third pillar of the Land Cruiser family, along with the station wagon models and the regular models, at least in most parts of the world. In the United States, the Toyota 4Runner took the place of the Prado.

This is not to say that the Prado with without controversy. Unlike earlier Land Cruiser models. The Prado had independent front suspension, which caused many Land Cruiser Enthusiasts to doubt whether the Prado could handle extreme terrain as a Land Cruiser should. Still, the Prado was a major success for Toyota and the many examples of the vehicle found in remote locations around the world prove it was indeed tough.