This is a 40th anniversary 80 series Land Cruiser. It was manufactured during the last year of the 80 series production. It features factory differential locks.

J8 (1990-1997)

By the end of the 1980’s the beloved J6 was ready for an upgrade. During that decade, auto manufacturers had begun introducing more and more features to vehicles that increased passenger comfort and entertainment. Since the Station Wagon Land Cruiser was designed for luxury and utility, Toyota decided to provide them in ample numbers.

The J8 appeared in 1990 with a fairly drastic external redesign. In fact, this was the most radical Land Cruiser design yet. The interior was wider than the J6, and it was the first model with a leather steering wheel and gear shifter. The idea was to further increase fuel economy and to create a more aerodynamic vehicle.

The final design proved to be very popular with the public, selling big numbers in the United States and Europe, although there were some small design differences between each region. The J8 was also one of the most expensive models in Land Cruiser history. The many luxury features and emphasis on comfort drove up the price, but the public was absolutely willing to pay for it.