2012 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams

This brand new vehicle has never been dealer prepped and is still plastic wrapped. It features the high end off road package.

J15 (2009-present)

The J12 Prado had a successful run, but by the end of the decade, it was time for another revamp. The J15 is the most technologically advanced Land Cruiser to date, and shows a significant change from the days of the old stripped-down Land Cruisers of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

In terms of design, the J15 looks very similar to the J12, although there are enough changes that the J15 has a noticeably more muscular look. Like the J12, the J15 has both a three-door and a five-door model.  Where the J15 mostly distinguishes itself is in terms of electronics. Cameras, for example, are a significant safety feature found in the J15. There are many others, such as push-button ignition.

The J15 thrives on city streets, but it can also do very well in the rough. It maintains a stiff suspension—a feature beloved by enthusiasts. Perhaps more interesting is the addition of a Multi-Terrain Select system, which modifies the vehicle’s acceleration, braking, and traction. All of these features combine with the rugged nature of the Prado to ensure that it will continue to be a part of the Land Cruiser brand for years to come.