The mission of the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum is to preserve and celebrate the history of the Toyota Land Cruiser, and to inspire adventure.

At the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum we celebrate the legacy of the Land Cruiser, in terms of both design and function. The Land Cruisers displayed at the museum are not just display pieces—they are veterans of countless adventures. As you explore the museum, you will feel that sense of adventure- some call it "Cruiser magic"- that makes the Land Cruiser more than just a vehicle.

What it Means to Own a Land Cruiser

"There is such a thing as having a name that is so great that the actual thing or person is unable to live up to the name. The Land Cruiser name has reached grand proportions as a 4x4, yet it has continuously lived up to that name in extreme environments around the world even down to the South Pole…

"In that sense the name Land Cruiser is most appropriate to this vehicle. Think about what it means to be a Land Cruiser owner. It means to have the privilege of driving a Land Cruiser wrapped in its history. When you stand in front of a Land Cruiser you are looking at a survivor of 50 years of hard and well-earned development, loved by people around the world… possessing an almost mythical degree of reliability and durability, certainly a source of pride for any owner.

"The next question the owner asks himself is, 'Am I ready to drive a car like this?' Anyone who takes the wheel of a car like this is almost expected to be equal in terms of character, behavior, judgment and experience. There are not many cars in the world that can produce this kind of beautiful and high-tension relationship.

"You might have just gotten your driver's license and decide to take out a loan and get a Land Cruiser, but you should be prepared for the pressure of maintaining a proper relationship with this thoroughbred. However, if you take the wheel of a Land Cruiser just at a time in life when you yourself have reached a comparable level of maturity or achievement, then the magic really begins and you have the right relationship with this car.

"To drive a Land Cruiser is to vicariously drive the roads of the entire world over the past 50 years, to ride in the driver's seat of a real chariot. What other 4x4. indeed what other passenger car can take you to that special place?"

~Nobby Fukushima, The Land Cruiser -Special Issue of the 50th Anniversary- 1951-2001, pg 190