1996 Civilian Mega Cruiser

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This beautiful Civilian Mega Cruiser arrived at the museum in Late January 2018. Steve Jackson of Land Cruisers Direct located the vehicle and played a key role in getting it into the museum collection. According to Steve's research:

"It’s generally accepted that the Mega Cruiser was produced from 1996-2002 and 148 JDM units were built.  The EPC shows production ended 10/01 but some vehicles may have 2002 registrations.

From the Toyota EPC:

JDM Market:

BXD20V-RRPEW 01/1996-06/1999 4.1L 15B-T

BXD20V-RRPEZ 06/1999-10/2001 4.1L with EFI 15B-FTE

General Market:

BXD20R-HWPEW 12/1996-10/2001 4.1L 15B-T (High-Roof Only, High-Roof Side Windows, 10-Seater)

BXD20R-RRPEW 10/1996-10/2001 4.1L 15B-T (Standard-Roof Only, 6-Seater)

149 civilian BXD20’s were made.  148 JDM and only 1 General Market within this VIN range (there may be a separate VIN structure for the General Market trucks which I am still trying to determine).

By Model:
BXD20V-RRPEW 15B-T                                    125

BXD20V-RRPEZ 15B-FTE                                 23

BXD20R-HWPEW High-Roof 15B-T             1 (General Market)

By Year:

1996       82
1997       31
1998       8
1999       10
2000       10
2001       8

By Color Codes:

048         White                                    79
8E2         Dark Blue                             42
058         Iceberg/White                  13
GY5        Unknown                            12
1A7        Light Gray Pearl                2
Q02        Unknown                            1

048 was used 1996-1999, 058 was used 1999-2001

Except for model BXD20R-HWPEW, which were all high-roofs, the EPC doesn’t indicate whether the trucks were high-roof or standard-roof."

As you can see from the data, this is unquestionably the rarest model of Land Cruiser ever produced. It can be seen at the museum most days. Please call to verify if you plan to see it when you visit. We hope to see you soon!